Is it really possible to love your career?

mm Bill Pace

Gallup did a poll a couple of years ago and guess what?

Most people not only don’t love their careers, they don’t even like the work they’re doing. 70% of workers in the United States either hate their jobs or are disengaged at work. Which means only 30% describe themselves as happy in their jobs. The numbers are even worse in most other countries.

Question: Does that mean you can’t love what you do?

Answer: Of course you can. But being happy with your work is not something that occurs on its own. Like physical fitness, career fulfillment doesn’t just happen (at least not for most of us). It takes work, it takes time, and it takes a consistent commitment to yourself.

And even if you’re among the more fortunate, at some point in your life you might find that you no longer love the work you do. It happens. We change. The world changes. When that occurs, you need to take charge to discover what’s next.

How? Figure out what will fully engage you. Gallup’s research emphasizes the importance of engagement in your work. If you feel engaged in what you do, odds are you’ll be more productive, have a bigger impact, learn more, and have more fun.

Sounds easy, huh? Well, of course, it’s not. But navigating your own career can be fulfilling. You just need to learn how to do it.

Bill Pace is Managing Director of ClearlyNext, a guided online career program that helps people of all backgrounds and incomes figure out what to do next. Read more >