Is Your Job a Turkey? Discover a Career Worth Being Thankful For

mm Bill Pace

Turkey: a person or thing of little appeal

If most of the time you’re really unhappy with one or more important aspects of your job, odds are it’s a turkey. And odds are it’s not going to stop being a turkey. While an ugly duckling might turn out to be a graceful swan, that’s not likely to happen with a turkey. If it walks like a turkey (“wobbles”), talks like a turkey (“gobbles”), and looks like a turkey (“wattles”), it’s a turkey.

Okay, so what do you do about your turkey job? Well, first of all, you need to mentally commit to leaving it behind. That doesn’t mean you should walk away right away, it’s just that you need to be motivated to move on. When you do, don’t worry. The ASCPA won’t come after you. Evidently, they don’t pay much attention to turkeys. They’ve got better things to do.

Then, you need to start the process of understanding why you and your turkey job aren’t getting along. Is it you? Is it the turkey? Maybe the job is fine, but just not right for you. That happens. Or, maybe no one would be happy with the job. That’s pretty common with turkey jobs. Think about and unpack the key aspects of your job that cause you to be unhappy.

You also need to fully explore your wants and priorities looking forward, getting as specific as possible about what really matters. There are numerous ways to do this exploration, but we at ClearlyNext believe it has to be an active process filled with lots of engagement with people who can help you figure things out. It just won’t happen in your sleep or while you bake at the beach.

Once you know your priorities, then you can start the process of exploring different types of work that appeal to you. Once again, we believe the best way to do this is to get out and talk with people who know about your interest areas. If done right, you’ll find that the vast majority of people out there are more than willing to help you (except the turkeys).

So, if your job is a turkey, use the upcoming holidays to really explore and discover a career you can be thankful for. If you start right away, you might be a lot more interested in having some of that turkey on your holiday table.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bill Pace is Managing Director of ClearlyNext, a guided online career program that helps people of all backgrounds and incomes figure out what to do next. Read more >