How far have career services come? Not very.

mm Elliott Brown

When I was graduating college more than 25 years ago, I went to the on-campus career center to get help figuring out what to do next. They gave me the Myers-Briggs test. I remember asking, “Is this supposed to tell me what career to pursue for the rest of my life? Is this really the best that college has to offer on career?”

I ended up spending the next 20+ years helping people of all incomes and backgrounds discover and pursue their dreams and aspirations. Three things have struck me along the way:

  1. Most people have not received any formal help figuring out what they want to do with their careers;
  2. Most people are unhappy with how their careers have turned out; and
  3. The most common career tools were not very effective 25 years ago, and not much has changed.

You’d think with 75% of Americans dissatisfied with their jobs, we’d have lots of well-known, effective career services for professionals. We don’t. Today, I did an internet search for “career service.” Guess what? Of the top 20 sites that popped up, 19 were college career centers — still serving up the same “career assessment” tests I took in the 1980s. Seriously?

Where are the modern day tools? Where do you turn if you’re among the 3 in 4 Americans stuck in bad jobs who need help right now?

That’s why we started ClearlyNext. We’re tired of the old tools and the same self-help books that were around in the 70’s and 80’s. We don’t think you should have to pay thousands of dollars to hire a personal career coach. We understand why so many people are lost and stuck — because no one teaches us how to figure this out on our own.

Our guided program to make career exploration easy, interesting and social. You can learn all about it at We’d love to hear what you think.

Be sure to peruse our blog, too. We have some things to say about the way things have been and the way things should be moving forward. We think there should be career services at every street corner, like food trucks  — affordable, unpretentious, fun to use, and most of all, effective.

We believe everyone should be able to find work that fulfills them. That’s our story.

Elliott Brown is the Founder & CEO of ClearlyNext, a guided online career program that helps people of all backgrounds and incomes figure out what to do next. Read more >