Cupid’s Arrow for Your Career

mm Russ Finkelstein

Our love lives and our work lives overlap in more ways than you might imagine. It’s not just the natural intersection of two big parts of our lives – the way we navigate love or who we turn when relationships fail can inform how we approach our careers. For the holiday, I’m sharing 3 pieces I’ve written on those overlaps.

At ClearlyNext, we want you to love what you do. Hopefully this advice can help you rekindle the spark of romance with your career.

10 dating tips that can help your job search
The search for a job and the search for a relationship have a lot more in common than you might think. Here are some dating tips that can help demystify the job search.

3 things people in career transition need to agree on with their partners
There is an unusual thing that can happen where work and love meet, and it’s not just bringing the happiness of a fulfilling job home to your relationship. Rather, there is question of the kind of agreement you need from your significant other when changing your career. Let’s think about what that agreement needs to look like.

You would ask friends to help in a relationship crisis, so why not a career crisis?
Dating is hard. Careers are hard. And while most of us think of our relationships and our careers as totally separate from each other, there’s much to be said about applying how we get through relationship trauma to our professional lives. Take a moment to learn a little something from my own intense experience.

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