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    Former UCLA & St John’s Head Coach Steve Lavin joins ClearlyNext


    I’m thrilled to announce that Coach Steve Lavin has joined the ClearlyNext team as Senior Partner and Champion!

    As we continue to build our career coaching model, Steve brings extensive experience to our team, including:

    • A thirty year career and association with higher education & collegiate athletics.
    • Currently a college basketball broadcaster for Fox Sports, CBS, Turner Sports and Pac-12 Networks.
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    How to Keep Your Weaknesses From Ruining Your Career

    Even the most successful among us has a weak spot. Our challenge is how we deal with it.

    First, I ask you to consider the myth of the warrior Achilles. His mother bathed him in the protective waters of the River Styx, but by holding him by his heel, failed to guard him against would-be attackers, there. Most of us recognize multiple weaknesses in ourselves as professionals, but often there is an area that we have particular shame or fear in being less adept at.

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    How to Get a Job When You’re Short on Experience

    Work is filled with catch-22s, or unsolvable double-binds. The origin of the term is Joseph Heller’s satirical war novel, in which pilots who said they were too mentally fragile to fly were in fact showing concern for their safety, and therefore, judged sane enough to fly. In other words, they were damned to be pilots, either way.

    It may not expose you to the imminent risk of death like Heller’s pilots, but there’s a common catch-22 term I hear about work,

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